Hello from Socioworkers!

Who are we?

Bunch of awesome people working
in a new world called social media. Cool, uh?

Socioworks is one of Indonesia’s first dedicated Social Media Agency, which has been around even since before the rise of Instagram. Our focus is to help brands connect with their audience on social media platforms through engaging and effective communication.

Our team consists of creative individuals from strategists, instaphotographers, copywriters to officers who will help shaping your brand’s online presence. From the ideation, content creation to monitoring and evaluation, we are taking care of your account and take it to the next level.

Evi Pringgodigdo


Chintya Aprillia

Social Media Director

Yohanna Sabrina

Social Media Manager

Aditha Nathania

Social Media Manager

Bernadetta Febrianti

Social Media Manager

Caroline Ongkowijoyo

Social Media Strategist

Bernadet Livianey

Social Media Strategist

Zeifania Kurniawan

Social Media Strategist

Agnes Tania

Social Media Strategist

Cintya Tiffani

Social Media Strategist

Samuelita Dayu

Social Media Strategist

Nathania Santoso


Michelle Elma


Nur Peni CP

Graphic Designer

Rebecca Ayu

Graphic Designer

Dewi Diana

Graphic Designer

Gitarukmi Prastianti

Social Media Officer

Indah Widyarini

Social Media Officer

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It all starts from One Big Idea.

In order to ensure your brand are well seen, planned, described and well represented, we strived to focus and specialized through these 4 divisions:

From concept brainstorming, defining approach, tone of voice, identitity building, to launching and development. We help you in developing your brand from zero to hero.

People spend more time on their gadgets, and there is no better idea than connect with them through their favorite social media platform.

Visual design is the very first thing that connects with the customers. From logo, identity, packaging, marketing tools, make sure they stand out and attracts the audience.

Getting all necessary information available online is an absolute requirement in today’s marketplace. Let’s take your brand online through website and apps.

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